Opening Hours:
  Monday to Sunday
  9:00am to 8:00pm
Service Range: Desexing, Vaccinations, Microchip Implantation, and Flea & Parasites Prevention.
Direct Line : 2475 2231
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Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA) was established on June 4, 1997 by a group of animal rights' activist. The motto of SAA is "Love Animal, Respect Life, No Killing or Abandoning". It was officially registered as a local charitable organization on May 28, 1998.

After many years of endeavour, SAA has now become one of the biggest animal sanctuary in Hong Kong. We sincerely thank for the generous donations from all walks of life and support from volunteers' which had made our success possible.

SAA's Main Services:

  • Accepting and taking care of abandoned animals whose owners, having encountered financial difficulties, health problems or restrictions at their residence, could not continue to raise their pets.
  • Arranging for adoption services.
  • Setting up an animal blood donors' databank (providing backup support for veterinary clinics and pet owners).
  • Commencing November 2005, SAA has set up an "Animal Medical Centre" which holds an operation room and isolated wards and assists in the running of the "Trap/Neuter/Return" (TNR) Programme in order to reduce the number of stray animals.
  • Animal hotline that gives advice on the following matters: correct way to rear a pet, pet diseases, pet behaviour and psychology; we also assist owners in locating their lost pets.
  • Opening the Sanctuary for public visits at designated time.
  • Arranging seminars for schools and communities to arouse public awareness on welfare of abandoned animals and the sanctity of life.
  • Organizing different kinds of public education to promote all rights entitled by the animals and awareness on respecting life.

We are overjoyed each time we see that an abandoned pet can successfully find a new owner and will drive us one step forward to achieve our goal in rescuing abandoned animals.

Are you willing to input your effort towards this meaningful goal and open up a chance for these abandoned animals to become lovely pets again?