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Tucker Fund


My name is Tucker,  I am 15 years old.  So grateful that I’ve met Sylvia more than a year ago.  She told me that she would offer me a home for life regardless of the fact that I was aging and having heart problem.  Now I cherish every day of my life as I am happy and thankful to her. 
There are many aging dogs like me in SAA but most of them are actually quite healthy, lively and adorable. They would love staying in a home of their own instead of spending the rest of their lives at the shelter. A new SAA program named Tucker Fund is now established for finding loving homes for our aging buddies at the shelter.. 
For more details, please contact us at 2838 0633.

The rationale behind the establishment of the Foundation:

The charity foundation “Tucker Fund” was created by SAA Director Miss Sylvia M. Ferreira who had adopted a dog named Tucker in 2014 from SAA.  Tucker was 14 years old then and was having heart problem.  Not only did Miss Ferreira accept Tucker’s condition, she was inspired by it.  Her idea of setting up a foundation was then conceived.  She hoped the other senior animals in SAA could find a warm and loving family of their own in the later years of their lives like Tucker did.  Thus, the foundation was named after Tucker.


Mission –Encourage adoption of senior animals

The Fund aims at encouraging people to adopt senior animals in SAA.  We understand that the high veterinary expenses for an aging animal could probably deter people from adopting them. Therefore the Fund, apart from providing eligible adopters with veterinary sponsorship, will also sponsor cremation expenses for the adopted animals.  We hope that with all these support, potential adopters will be more motivated to offer these senior animals a loving home to spend the rest of their lives.


Tucker Fund Foundation Details:

Uses of the Fund will be monitored by SAA and SAA reserves the right to make final decision regarding disbursement of funds.  Information on the uses of fund is shown below:

  • Medical Expenses Sponsorship – The designated animal must be brought to the SAA Albert Wu Veterinary Centre for medical consultation and treatment.  The subsidy will be the exact amount of the medical expense for this particular animal.(Funding does not cover Rabies vaccination, canine distemper, infectious canine hepatitis and canine parvovirus vaccination for dog, feline panleucopaenia (infectious enteritis) and feline respiratory disease complex (cat flu) for cat, preventative measures for heartworm, ticks & fleas and Veterinary prescription food.)

    Tucker Fund will only subsidize specialist veterinary clinic expenses only if the referral is made by veterinarian of SAA Albert Wu Veterinary Centre and the funding granted is subject to the following maximum ceiling:
    Small dog (10kg or below) – Maximum limit of $30,000
    Large dog (Above 10 kg) – Maximum limit of $50,000
    Cat – Maximum limit of $30,000
    Any amount over the maximum limit shall be paid by the Applicant.

  • End-of-life Expenses Sponsorship – Full subsidy of cremation costs will be granted only if cremation of the deceased designated animal is handled by the appointed pet cremation service provider - Goodbye Dear.   There will not be any sponsorship if the adopter chooses other pet cremation service provider.
  • Other Contributions – If an adopter brings the designated animal to SAA Albert Wu Veterinary Centre for medical consultation and does not need any claim for subsidy, the founder of the Foundation will donate an exact amount of the consultation fees to the Fund.

Tucker Fund Requirements of Adoption:

Eligible adopters of this project need to meet the requirements and accept the arrangements listed below:

  • Designated Animal – Adopters must follow the current adoption procedure of SAA (  and will adopt the particular animal from a group designated by SAA.
  • Regular Check-up – The adopter needs to bring the animal to SAA Albert Wu Veterinary Centre for regular check-ups on a biannual basis.  Other arrangements for animals with long-term illnesses will be at discretion of the veterinarian.
  • Income Verification – Adopters do not need to go through any income check process.  Individuals of all income levels can become adopters.
  • Obligation of Adopter – The adopter is obliged to inform SAA of the animal’s passing and the adopter can choose to keep the animal’s ashes after cremation or to send it back to SAA for placement.
  • Target of Fund Participants – The adopters should be those who are retired or able to stay home for most of the day, living at a pet-friendly residence and able to handle the daily chores such as walking, feeding, basic care and subsistence for the animal.
Designated Animal phase 1

Name: Glory
Sex: Female
Age: 10yrs

Name: Jack
Sex: Male
Age: 13 yrs
Remarks: Vet diet  treatment

Name: Creamy
Sex: Female
Age: 12 yrs
Name: Super X
Sex: Male
Age: 9 yrs
Name: Easter
Sex: Male
Age: 9 yrs
Name: Snow ball
Sex: Male
Age: 10 yrs
Remarks: Vet diet  treatment
Name: Jackie BB
Sex: Female
Age: 12yrs

Name: Tab
Sex: Male
Age: 8yrs

Name: Michael
Sex: Male
Age: 7yrs
Remarks: taking lysine treatment